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We offer services throughout the construction process to make our clients’ lives easier.


Beginning with Seiler Consulting

Our in-depth evaluations at the outset of a project enable accurate bidding, ensure fair pricing, and set the stage for an efficient construction process.

Beginning with Seiler Consulting means we will:

  • Interview and research architects, general contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors to assemble the best team for our clients
  • Evaluate and refer vendors, building material suppliers, artisans, and craftspeople
  • Review drawings and specifications and make recommendations to facilitate an elevated quality of construction and problem solving
  • Provide a non-legal assessment of contractor and consultant contracts to ensure responsibilities and expectations are established from the start
  • Analyze the general contractor’s construction master plan, material procurement procedures, proposed schedule, critical path, and project staffing
  • Confirm and supervise the expediter’s timeline for permit acquisitions


The Construction Process

As the liaison between our clients, their architect, the general contractor, and specialty vendors, we lead the team in development, analysis, and implementation of the project schedule to assure effective management, timely completion, and compliance among all parties.

During the construction process Seiler Consulting will:

  • Oversee and actively inspect work quality and progress, perform punch lists throughout all stages of construction, and push the project schedule to promote timely completion
  • Supervise general contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors to confirm compliance with the architect’s drawings and specifications
  • Review construction drawing submittals for proper completion and accuracy
  • Visit manufacturer facilities to assure product quality and production timelines
  • Perform onsite quality control by inspecting delivered materials to ensure the highest quality and specification compliance
  • Review and comment as needed on shop drawings, revised architectural details, submittals, requests for information (RFIs), and change orders
  • Conduct weekly meetings and site inspections with the architect, general contractors, sub-contractors, and specialty contractors
  • Analyze vendor invoices and contractor pay applications
  • Foster relationships and facilitate communication with neighbors, building associations, and local municipalities


Completing the Finishing Touches

Our commitment to a project doesn’t end until every concern, no matter how small, has been addressed and our clients are completely satisfied.

To facilitate project completion, our team will:

  • Oversee the close out process to bring the project to a total finish
  • Confirm punch lists are completed successfully
  • Coordinate with the general contractor and specialty contractors to develop user guides and maintenance manuals
  • Diligently assess final payments and billing while confirming hold backs are enforced for work not completed
  • Ensure all contractor and subcontractor closeout documents and as-built drawings are supplied as required

Ongoing Services

Continued Support

Our relationship with clients doesn’t end with the completion of their projects.

Continued support from our team includes, but is not limited to:

  • Supervision and monitoring of ongoing maintenance
  • Yearly inspection reports
  • On-site inspections and project management services for improvement projects
  • On-site inspections of prospective and additional projects
  • Warranty tracking